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120+ Best Self Care Affirmations For A Busy Schedule

Self care affirmations

Living a healthy lifestyle is very important and an easy way to incorporate self-care is with self care affirmations

Affirmations for self care are a great way to: 

I personally use self care affirmations from time to time when I’m feeling guilty for taking a break or needing a vacation. 

I know many of us can relate to that and it’s time we start to remind ourselves of what we truly deserve, which is rest! 

The best way to avoid that is by using this handy list of affirmations. But before we get into that let’s first talk about what self care affirmations are. 


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What Are Self Care Affirmations?

I can’t give you the definition of affirmations for self care without first giving you the definition of affirmations. 

Affirmations are positive statements that you use with the intention of motivating, uplifting, or encouraging yourself. To affirm means to state something to be true. 

So with affirmations, you are repeating (or writing) positive statements as if they are true in order to spark or aid in some sort of change in your life. 

Self care affirmations are positive statements you are using to either change the way you think about putting yourself first or re-affirming the fact that you deserve self-care.

Why would you want to do this?

Well many of us know what it feels like to feel guilty about taking any time off to really take care of yourself, and when you prolong taking a much-needed break you wind up getting burned out.

Affirmations for self care can help you avoid all of this by reframing the way you view self-care moments or even days. 

These affirmations are also a great way to show yourself more love and uplift your mood! 

Why Is Self Care Important?

The meaning of self-care is the act of taking action to improve or maintain one’s overall mental and physical health. 

Taking time to relax and recharge has proven to be very beneficial to our health and daily lives. According to The National Institute of Mental Health, some of the benefits of maintaining regular self-care include: 

Affordable Self Care Activities 

  1. Taking a walk in nature
  2. Riding bikes
  3. Talking with family or friends 
  4. Meditating
  5. Reading a good book
  6. Dancing 
  7. Taking a nap 
  8. Exercising 
  9. Journaling 
  10. Exfoliating 
  11. Yoga 

How To Use Self Care Affirmations

I suggest using self-care affirmations once in the morning because this is when your mind is fresh and typically free from distractions. 

You can easily set your day up for success by repeating phrases that lift your spirits. 

Another good time of the day to use affirmations for self care is in the evening before bed. You can also write these affirmations down or say them in the mirror. How you decide is totally up to you, but you just want to make sure you aim to use them daily. 

120+ Of The Best Self Care Affirmations 

  1. My health is important to me
  2. My peace is important to me
  3. My body is enough 
  4. I am enough 
  5. I am committed to doing my best every day 
  6. It’s okay if my best looks different from day to day
  7. I choose my peace over my point 
  8. Taking care of myself is my utmost priority 
  9. I choose to nourish my body with nutrients and love today 
  10. I truly care about myself 
  11. I don’t want to be busy; I want to be fulfilled 
  12. I respect my boundaries and won’t allow anyone to compromise them
  13. I am allowed to put myself first 
  14. I release the need to be perfect and allow myself to make mistakes and take breaks
  15. Taking moments to rest is just as important as work 
  16. I do not need to do it all 
  17. My productivity does not define me
  18. I don’t have to subscribe to the hustle culture. Not everything is for everyone. 
  19. I release the feelings of guilt and shame I have around resting 
  20. My time to myself is important to me
  21. I am allowed to be selfish sometimes 
  22. I choose positive thoughts about myself 
  23. My mistakes do not define me 
  24. I focus on peace and compassion 
  25. I love my entire being 
  26. My self-care is my responsibility 
  27. I enjoy lightening my workload sometimes 
  28. I deserve to take a break 
  29. I deserve to rest 
  30. I am worthy of peace 
  31. I am worthy of a clear headspace 
  32. As long as I’m doing my best, then that’s what matters 
  33. I deserve kindness 
  34. I enjoy finding small ways to bring peace into my life 
  35. I am worthy of compassion and grace 
  36. I give myself the grace I need today 
  37. I am learning and improving every day 
  38. I nourish my mind with realistic and optimistic thoughts 
  39. I choose to avoid negative content that does not serve me
  40. I choose to disengage with negative people that aren’t adding to my peace 
  41. I enjoy being in the present moment 
  42. Moments of silence are very refreshing
  43. Taking care of myself is empowering 
  44. My love for myself and others is infinite 
  45. It’s okay for me to embrace my inner child 
  46. I trust my intuition
  47. I love my younger self unconditionally 
  48. I forgive my younger self for her past mistakes
  49. I forgive those who have hurt me in my past 
  50. I am grateful for all the things I have in my life 
  51. I am grateful for the love that surrounds me 
  52. I am grateful I am able to take time off
  53. Gratitude fills my heart 
  54. My feelings and emotions matter and are validated 
  55. I value my personal time 
  56. I choose to be patient with myself 
  57. I am grateful for my greatest achievements 
  58. I am grateful for my small achievements 
  59. I am grateful that I have God
  60. I am grateful that I have myself 
  61. I am grateful for all that I have learned and experienced so far 
  62. I am grateful to have the opportunity to take care of myself 
  63. I am grateful to be alive 
  64. I deserve time to relax 
  65. I deserve to be kind to myself 
  66. I am grateful for my growth 
  67. I deserve time to heal 
  68. I am allowed to change 
  69. I am strong, healthy, and whole
  70. My immune system is healthy 
  71. My skin, hair, and nails are healthy 
  72. I am free 
  73. I have pure joy 
  74. I choose my destiny 
  75. My past does not have to be my future 
  76. The best thing I can do for myself is to stay calm
  77. I let go of habits that don’t serve me
  78. I let go of thoughts that don’t serve me
  79. I release the power I let the past have over me 
  80. I am worthy of a happy and meaningful life 
  81. God and my inner peace are the top priorities of my life
  82. If I don’t take care of myself I will not be able to take care of my loved ones
  83. Rest is a vital part of life 
  84. I am not a bad person for saying “no”
  85. I don’t owe anyone an explanation 
  86. I create space for peace and love in my life 
  87. I don’t have to apologize for taking care of myself 
  88. My mental health is just as important as my physical health 
  89. Having a life outside of work is important
  90. I enjoy doing activities that nourish my peace 
  91. I enjoy doing activities that recharge my mind and body 
  92. I trust myself 
  93. I enjoy nurturing my spirit and my relationship with God 
  94. I enjoy celebrating my life 
  95. I can show myself love in small ways 
  96. I am proud of my progress 
  97. I am proud of the actions I have taken and my efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle 
  98. I deserve to build my self-confidence 
  99. I am capable of taking a break and staying in the present moment 
  100. I am worthy of a comfortable life 
  101. I am worthy of a life of purpose 
  102. I know myself best and I know when I need to rest 
  103. The time I take to rest right now will help me in the long rum 
  104. Setting aside time to recharge is important 
  105. I am creating a healthy life for myself 
  106. I am creating a healthy life for my loved ones 
  107. When I take a break I inspire others to take a break 
  108. I enjoy putting myself first sometimes 
  109. I deserve to take a vacation 
  110. It’s okay for me to splurge on myself from time to time
  111. I deserve to buy myself something nice every once in a while 
  112. I celebrate all of me 
  113. I am at peace with my decision to rest 
  114. I am at peace with my current circumstances 
  115. I allowed to feel how I need to feel 
  116. I am doing my best 
  117. I choose to be happy today 
  118. My life has a meaning and a purpose 
  119. Setting boundaries does me a great service
  120. I am committed to taking care of my emotional needs
  121. I am committed to protecting my inner peace 
  122. I deserve to set boundaries with others 
  123. It’s okay for me to say “no” sometimes 
  124. I am allowed to treat myself 
  125. I am committed to pouring love into myself 

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I hope you enjoyed this list of self-care affirmations. I would only suggest picking your top 5 favorites from this list to start. 

Wishing you a lot of love, peace, and relaxation and I will catch you in the next article! 

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