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The Ultimate Guide to Enjoy Every Moment of Your Life

Last updated on October 26th, 2023 at 10:37 pm

Do you keep beating yourself up about not being where you want to be in life?

You’re trying your hardest to get there, but it seems like you can never do enough. And to make it even worse, you can’t even enjoy where you are today. I mean how could you, when you have to spend all this energy trying to achieve your goals?

Stop. Take a deep breath and be grateful because you just stumbled upon the answers you’ve been looking for. 

You don’t need to be at your final destination in life, in order to enjoy life. Learn how to enjoy the ride while also striving for your dreams with these 5 simple tips on how to enjoy life to the fullest. I promise you will notice a difference in just one week’s time. 

How to enjoy life every day


1. Monitor yourself

You need to be monitoring your thoughts, constantly.

For most of us, our minds are everywhere else but the present moment. And when they are in the present moment, it probably isn’t positive. 

For example, 

Or if it is in the present moment, it looks a little like this

What do all of these examples have in common?

None of them are enjoying the present moment for what it is. I’m not saying don’t have these thoughts or feelings at all, what I am saying is when you do have these thoughts, pair them with something positive about the moment. Manage your thoughts.

When you notice a thought that comes up, and it doesn’t serve you, redirect your focus to a thought that does serve you. 

If this seems like too much work for you, then maybe enjoying life’s moments isn’t meant for you. Maybe you’re just supposed to be a drag and bring everything down with you because otherwise, this is what it takes. Work.

You can’t expect to change your life unless you make a change. Not to mention that what the above examples are asking may take about an extra 10 seconds, if that. Stop being lazy and put in the work. 

2. Take social media breaks

You need to take a break from social media. 

Every time you get on social media you are subjecting yourself to social comparison. There is no way around it.

You’re either looking at what someone else thinks, says, does, or likes OR you’re anticipating the approval of someone else (who is probably doing worse than you). Detaching yourself from social media will almost immediately cause you to enjoy life to the fullest. It’s almost scary.

Try it out to see for yourself. 

3. Think about something that you’re grateful for

Take out time in your day to intentionally think about something that you’re grateful for, ideally at least 3 things.

You are NOT allowed to say, “I’m not grateful for anything.” because the simple fact that you’re on a device, on the internet, reading this article, automatically gives you three things to be grateful for. 

I could go on and on. 

Don’t allow the things you’ve grown accustomed to having, cause you to forget to be grateful. Show appreciation for what you have while you have it. Plus, it’s free, you can do it anywhere, and it takes less than 30 seconds. There’s no excuse.

4. Take on one issue at a time

Allowing all of your issues to swirl in your mind 24/7 is not going to help you enjoy life. 

No one is immune to dealing with problems, and no one is saying that you shouldn’t think about them. However, you should stop thinking about them all at once. 

Not only will it cause you to be overwhelmed, but it’s also going to cause you to only be able to give 20% of your brain power and effort to each issue. If you focus on it one at a time, you can address it at your fullest potential, or 100%. 

I would also like to add that if you’re the kind of person to take on other people’s issues in life, you need to stop this immediately.

You can’t fill a void you didn’t create, and you especially can’t help people who don’t want to be helped. Save yourself time and energy, so you focus on what you’ve got going on. They can figure it out for themselves. 

If you’re the kind of person who genuinely enjoys helping other people, then go volunteer. But don’t just give out your precious time to everyone who needs help because you also need help and at the end of the day, it’s every woman for herself. Of course, we can do our part to help our neighbor but don’t overdo it. 

5. Be in the moment 

You’re going to have a hard time enjoying life when you are constantly trying to do multiple things at once. You’re also going to have a difficult time being happy in life if you’re always focused on the past or the future. 

Yesterday is just as dead as Rome and the future is based on what you’re doing right now. Let well enough alone.

Of course, you’re going to have times when you need to reflect on the past or prepare for the future; however, if you’re doing this all day every day, you’re wasting the precious moments you have right now. Be in the present moment. 

Be right here, right now. Use the time that you do have to achieve the happiness that you seek because the present is all you’ve got. 

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